Martha Ballard's Diary, April 3 - 9, 1794

3 5
rainy. at Colo Sewalls. at Ditoes.  
4 6
Snowd. at Ditoes. mrs Conr brot there. at Ditoes.  
5 7
X. Birth Colo Sewalls Dagt. XX.
Clear. mrs Sew Calld us up at 1h ys morn. mrs Pollard & Voce Calld at 6h morn. mrs Sewall was Dilivd of a Dagt before they got inn & is Cleverly. mr Ballard Calld there & Dind. I Came from there at 2h pm. Calld at Son Pollards & Spent ye rest of ye aftern. arivd at home at 7, feel fatagud. Dolly tarries at Son Pollards ys night. at Ditoes. Birth 15th. recd 8/3. her fifth Child.  
6 E
Clear. Mr Ballard, Cyrus & Ephm attended worship at ye hook. I have felt very dull. mrs Densmore Sent Some roast pigg to Dolly. Shee is at her Bror Pollards, returnd at 6 o Clok. at home. Dolly Came home frm Son Pollards.  
7 2
Clear. mr Ballard & Sons attended Town meeting. Bror Ebenz Moore Came here on his way from Oxford home, informs me our friends are well. by him I receivd a Letter from Sister Waters of March 22nt. I have been at home. Dolly took Senna. At home. Bror Ebenz Moore returnd from Oxford, brot a Ltr from Sist Waters.  
8 3
Clear. mr James Page Breakfasted here. mr Ballard went up Streat. I am Brewing a beer for Dolly. Augusts Ballard Dind here. at home. Augusts Ballard here.  
9 4
Clear. mr Ballard & Sons attended ye Town meeting, they have Divided this Town into three parrishes. I have been at home. Sally Cocks went to Esq Smiths. at home. Town Meeting. by [ajourMent] ys Town Divided.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.