Martha Ballard's Diary, January 19 - 25, 1794

19 E
Clear & very pleast. mr Ballard, Cyrus & I attended Divine Service at the hook. Son & Dagt Pollard & Dagt Dolly here aftern. Moses Springer & Lucy Norcross, Joseph White & Sally Humphry Gardner Cryd ye last time. at meeting.  
20 2
Clear & pleast. mr Ballard went to mr Gaslins to Survey for him. I have been at home. Sally washt & washt house, Ephm to meddow for mr Kennady. at home.  
21 3
Cloudy, rain at night. mr Ballard returnd. mr Town Sleeps here. I have been at home. Margarett Foot here, Desird me to go & See mrs Norcross whos Breast is Soar. Ephm at his Brothers, Jacky is Sick. at home. Son Town here.  
22 4
rainy. I was Calld to Son Jonas to See his oldest Son who has ye Canker. there all night, ye Child very sick. at Son Jonas, his Child Sick.  
23 5
very rainy. at my Sons. we procurd Cold water Root for the Child, he Seimd to mend. La Faet is not So well as Could be wisht. at Ditoes.  
24 6
X. Birth Capt Herseys Dagt. XX.
Snowd ye morn. Capt Hersey Calld me to See his wife about Day. we got Safe over the river, the freshet rose & it Broke up. his wife Safe Deld at 7h Evng of a Dagt, all like to do well. at Capt Herseys. Birth 2nt
25 7
Cold. at Capt Herseys, he was Seeking a nurs & transporting women home. I tarried all night, my patients Cleverly. at Ditoes.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.