Martha Ballard's Diary, December 1 - 11, 1793

[1] 1
at mr Parkers, his Lady is about house. the river is   
[2] 2
very Difacult to pass. I knitt while gone from home 2   
[3] 3
pr Gloves and 5 pair & 2/1 mitts. the river was past on   
[4] 4
ye ice ys morn.   
[5] 5
at mr Parkers 5 Days.
[6] 6
Clear. I was Calld to Benn Whites at 2h morn, wrode in a Sleigh. at Benn Whites.  
7 7
XX. Birth Benn Whites XX. And X. Parkers Dagts. XX.
at Whites, his wife was Deld at 12 O Clok of a Dagt, and I was Calld back to mr Parkers. his Lady was Dild at 9h 30m of a Dagt. I am Some fatagud. Son Town here. at Whites & Parkers. Birth 50. Birth 51.  
8 F
Snow, hail & rain. mr Parker went for his Nurs. I left his Lady at 4 pm, as well as Could be Expected & walkt over ye river; wrode mr Ballards hors home. I had a wrestless night by fataug & weting my feet. at mr Parkers. returnd home.  
9 2
Clear. mr Ballard Surveying for mr Pollard & Page. I went to mr Finnys & Benjamins, brot my wollen web goun home & went to mr Peter Clearks. they ingagd to weav it. I Calld at Capt Meloys Store, Bot a Shall @ 5/6. he made me a present of a muslin apron. I bot at Capt F Browns 5-2/1 pints Brandy 2/9, 3 puter poringers 4/6, paper pins /10; Total 8/1. at Finnys & the hook.  
[10] 3
Cloudy. mr Ballard went to git his Oxen Shod. I have been at home. Bror Town here. mr Pollard & Ezkl Page here on business. at home. Bror Town here.  
[11] 4
Clear. I have been at home kniting on my Ballards Legin. I began it yesterday. Dolly did hous wk, Sally Spun. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.