Martha Ballard's Diary, November 15 - 22, 1793

15 6
Cloudy & Cold. mrs Holdman here to have a goun made. mrs Benjamin to have a Cloak Cut, Polly Rust after work. I was Calld to mr Parkers aftern. mr Ballard is better. at mr Parkers. mrs Holdman here.  
16 7
Cloudy. I was at mr Parkers and Colo Sewalls. mrs Parker unwell, Colman Bled her at Evn. at Ditoes. mrs Holdman left here.  
17 F
X. Birth mr Poores Dagt. XX.
rainy. I was Calld from mr Parkers at 2h morn to mr Poores. Doct Page was Calld before my arival. I Extracted the Child, a Dagt. he Chose to Close the Loin. I returnd home at 8 am, receivd 6/ as a reward. mr Ballard & Ephm attend worship, Dolly & Sally aftern. Charls & John Coks Supt here. I was Calld to Capt meloys at 11h Evn. raind. at Ditoes & mr Poores. Birth 47th. A Daughtr at Capt Meloys allso.  
18 2
X. Birth Capt Meloys Dagt. XX.
at Capt Meloys, his Lady in Labour, her women Calld. (it was a Severe Storm of rain. Cleard of with Snow). my patient Deld at 8h 5m Evn of a fine Dagt, her attendants, mrss Cleark & Duttun, Sewall & my Self. we had an Elligant Supper and I tarried all night. at Capt Meloys. Birth 48th. I receivd 24/.  
19 3
Clear. I returnd home after Dineing. Revd mr Turner and Esq Cony Supt here. I was Calld to mr Parkers at 11 Evn. at Ditoes & mr Parkers. mr Turner here.  
20 4
Cloudy. I was at mr Parkers. at mr Parkers.  
21 5
Cloudy morn, Clear of at night. I was at mr Parkers, mrs Cowan there, Hannah North allso. at Ditoes.  
22 6
Cloudy morn, Clear at noone. I Came home, find my famely well. mr Ballard gone to winslow. at Ditoes.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.