Martha Ballard's Diary, September 1 - 6, 1793

1 F
Clear & warm. I was at meeting. mrs Ingerham informd me that mrss Hewin was Delivd of a Son the 26 ult. I was at mr Childs at intermition, find his wife as Shee has been. Son Pollard, mr Pitts, their wives & Polly Pollard here at Evn. at meeting. my famely all there.  
2 2
Clear. mr Ballard went to his meddow. I went aftern to Capt Meloys, Colo Duttuns, Capt Fillebrowns & mr Dummers. mrs Duttun is mending Slowly, Shee has not been able to walk alone yet. my Dagt Dolly is 21 years old, many Changing Siens have I past thro in those years. at the hook. Dagt Dolly is 21 ys old this Day.  
3 3
X. Birth Jery Dumers Son. XX.
Clear. I was Calld at 9h morn to See mr Jere Dumers Lady who was in Labour, Shee was Deld at 5h Evng of a fine Son, their first Born. I tarried & Nurst my Patients thro the night; they are Comfortable. at mr Dumers. Birth 36th
4 4
Clear. I tarried at mr Dumers all Day. mrs Williams Came at Evn & I Came home, receivd 13/6 as a reward for my Performance. find that Dolly is gone to work for mrs Burtun. at mr Dumers, receivd 13/6.  
5 5
Clear till near night when we had Some rain. I have been at home. Bror Moore & mr Lathrop Dind here. Dolly returnd from mr Burtuns at Evn. Sally Wilms here for a Dress. mr Ballard has been writeing & up to ye fort. at home.  
6 6
X. Birth MC Neels Son. XX.
Clear. I was Calld at 6h morn to See mrs mc Neele who was in Labour. Shee was Deld at 12 of a Son which was inspird with life but Expird in a Short time after the Birth. I left her as well as Could be Expected at 6h pm & Came home. Dolly & Sally Came home from Son Pollards. at mr mc Neeles. Birth 37th. Dagt Ballard & her [Childn] Came ys Evng.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.