Martha Ballard's Diary, August 21 - 31, 1793

21 4
Clear, mrs O. Hamlin Came here last Evng, is makeing her Self a Bunnit. Dolly had an ill turn. at home.  
22 5
Clear. I have been at home. mrs Parker & her Childn here. Sally Cokx wove 3 yds. at home. Church at Pittstn Burnt.  
23 6
Clear. I helpt gather Beens. mrs Pitts here, Dolly went home with her. Sally wove 4 yds. a Shower in ye night. at home.  
24 7
Clear. mr Ballard returnd from Varsalboro. Ephm is gone to Pittstn to mill, he informs he Saw the ashes of ye Church. I have been at home. Dolly made her a muslin gown & Skirt. at home.  
25 F
Clear & pleast, my famely all attended Public worship. thee good old Genttlemans Discoars was adapted to the youth, more particularly from those words, Remember thy Creator in the Day of thy youth; his Exortations were Excelent. may they be Deeply impresst on their minds for their future good. at meeting.  
26 2
Clear. Son & Dagt Pollard & mrs Pitts here. I have been at home. at home.  
27 3
Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard went to Pownalboro. at home.  
28 4
Clear. mr Ballard at Doct Conys. I have been at home. mr Gow & his wife here to have a Goun Cutt out for her. at home. mr Gow [&] wife here.  
29 5
Clear. mr Ballard at the hook, bot 4 milk Pans @ /9. Dolly went to her Brors, his oldest Son is very unwell. I have been at home, gatherd ripe Beet Seeds & one Cucumbr. at home.  
30 6
Clear. mr Ballard went to Winslow. I was ["at home" - implied] at home.  
31 7
Clear. mr Ballard returnd. all well at Son Towns. I have been at home. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.