Martha Ballard's Diary, May 2 - 10, 1793

2 5
Clear. I have been writing to Bror Jona. Dolly went to mr Waids. mrs Livermore was here. I have workt out Doors part ye Day. at home. wrote to Bror Jona
3 6
Cloudy. Dolly went to Son Pollard. Bror Moore was here. Ephm Cowen Calld me to See his wife who is unwell. at mr Cowins.  
4 7
Cloudy part ye Day. I was at Dittoes, his wife very unwell. at Dittoes.  
5 F
Clear. Capt Savage & two Dagts attended worship. mrs Cowen had a turn of faintness, we Calld her women. Shee Seemd better and part of them went home. at Dittoes.  
6 2
Clear. mrs Cowin was Lingering and very much Deprest in Spirits. we Calld mrs Fletcher. mrs Coal Calld there. mrs Savage & Fletcher tarried all night. at Dittoes. Town meeting.  
7 3
X. Birth Epm Cowens Dagt. XX.
Clear. mrs Cowens illness Came on about Two ys morn & Shee was Safe Delivd at 3h 30m of a fine Dagt, with 5 pains after my inquiry in to her Case. I tarried, took breakfast and Sett out homewd. Calld at Colo Sewalls, his Child is much better. I arivd at home at 10h morn. I receivd 6/ as a reward. mr Ballard is gone to pittstn. Fanny Cox & Hannah Goodin Came here. at Ditoes. Birth 24th
8 4
Clear. I went to See mrs mc Causland, find her very low; her husband is unwell. I Crost ye river at Genl Derbns & at Norcroses. feel fatagud. Dolly workt at mr Livermores. mr Ballard is gone to Colo Norths. at Robert mc Causlands
9 5
Clear & warm. mr Baker here forenn. Robt mc Causland & Hannah Cox Dind. mr Leightn Supt. Cyrus Came here with a Team. my Girls & mr Densmores went to mr Hinkleys. mr Ballard to Son Pollards, brot ye haslett of a Veal home from them, Ephm Some fish. I have been at home. at home. may 9th receivd bushel wht of T hinkly.  
10 6
Clear. I was at home, very unwell. Dolly & Sally went to Son Pollards. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.