Martha Ballard's Diary, April 5 - 11, 1793

5 6
X. Birth mr X Buzels Son. XX.
Clear. Dolly washt & Scourd the west roome. mrs Densmore here. mr Ballard returnd from pittstn, Cyrus to work for Jona. I was Calld at Sun Sett to See mrs Buzel who was Safe Deld at 9h Evn of a fine Son. I tarried allnight. at mr Buzels. Birth 19/th
6 7
Clear. I left mrs Buzels & inft Cleverly & arivd at home at 10h morn. I receivd 9/ as fee & hors hire & medisin. I feel not a little falagud as ye rodes are very bad. raind aftern. mr Ballard is gone to his meddow. Dolly is makeing Soap. at Ditoes. I was much fatagud.  
7 F
rainy foren. Dolly went to Son Pollards aftern & Cyrus Came here from his Brors. I have been at home, receivd a letter from Doct Barton of ye 19th ult which informs our friends were in health. at home. receivd a Letter fm Doct Barton of march 19.  
8 2
Clear. Dolly washt & Shee & I went to mr Livermores. I was Calld to mr Capins at Evng. mr Ballard been to Colo Howards. at mr Livermores [mr] Capins.  
9 3
Clear. I have been at mr Capins all Day. he returnd from ye reach. at mr Capins.  
10 4
rainy foren, Clear aftern. I Came from mr Capins to Deacon Coneys, find the old Lady very Sick. Came home, we receivd a Letter from Bror Kingsbury which informs [ ] yt Motr Ballard is very Low, other friends well. I was Calld to See mrs Densmore at 11h. at Does & Deacon Coneys. receivd a Letter fm Capt Kingsbury of march 30th
11 5
X. Birth Densmores Dagt. XX.
Clear. mrs Densmore was Deld of a Dagt at 11h morn, is as well as Can be Expected. the inft is troubled much with wind. I gave remedies which releivd & returnd home at 4. Hannah & Parthenia here. mr Ballard been to meeting at ye hook. I went to Danys at Evn. at mr Densmores. Birth 20th. receivd my fee in Candles.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.