Martha Ballard's Diary, January 1 - 12, 1793

1 3
Clear & very Cold. mr Ballard is very unwell. I have been at home. at home.  
2 4
Snowd. mr Ballard is a little Better. I have been at home. mr Pitts here. at home.  
3 5
Clear & very Cold. mr Ballard went to mr Berh Ingerhams. I have been at hom. at home.  
4 6
Cloudy Day, Snowd at night. mr Ballard went to mr Pollards. I washt, the first washing I have Done without help this Several years. at home ys Day. at home.  
5 7
Clear. mr Ballard been to Pittstn. I have been at home. Bakt & washt the west room & one Bedroome. Ephm went with the oxen to haul mr Fletchers furniture, his Sons, two of ym, workt here the most of ye Day. at home.  
6 F
Clear & not very Cold. Son & Dagt Pollard here, mr Isaac Savage allso. I have been at home. mr Smith Preacht at ye hook. at home. John Norths first Son Born.  
7 2
Clear & very pleasant. Cyrus went to Pittstn. Esqr Wesson here. I have been at home, washt. at home. Esqr Cony [Came] home.  
8 3
Clear morn, over Cast Day & very moderate weather. mr Ballard attended Coart. I have been ["at home"- implied]. at home.  
9 4
A foggy morn, haild aftern, a Storm of rain in ye night with heavy wind. mr Ballard, Cyrus & Ephm attended Coart. the Cause in which Emersen prosecuted mr Ballard was tried, turnd in favour of the Latter. I have been at home. at home.  
10 5
raind foren, Clear aftern. mr Ballard & Sons went to Coart. I have been at home alone all day. the Cause between Andrus & my Son Jona was Plead & given to the Jury ys Day. at home.  
11 6
Cloudy, Snowd a little. mr Ballard & Sons attended Coart. the Jury Brot in their verdict in ye Cause of Andrus; it was that Pollard, Berry, & Jona Should pay 150 £ Damage, Pollard apeald. I have been at home. Betsy Densmore here. at home.  
12 7
Clear & Colder. mr Ballard & sons went to hear Coart. Jona apeald. Ephm Brot Patty home. I have been at home, have not been So well as usual. ye Coart ajournd with out day. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.