Martha Ballard's Diary, December 21 - 31, 1792

21 6
Clear & Cold. mr Ballard got wood, mr Waid helpt him. I have been at home. Dolly Came [here]. at home.  
22 7
Clear & not So Cold. mr Ballard mending a Slead. Cyrus & Ephm brot our Sheep home. I have been at home. Dolly finisht her Dads Cloaths. at home.  
23 G
Clear & very pleast. I have been at home. mr Isaac Savage & my Son Jona here, little Jacky is better. at home.  
24 2
Cloudy, hail & rain. Capt Car & mr J. Page here. mr Ballard mending Slead. Cyrus to Capt Coxes. Ephm brot Dollys Sheep home. I have been at home, Did divers Sort s of work. at home.  
25 3
Clear & very Pleasant for Christmass. I have been at home. mr Benn Porter Came here Late in ye Evng, Sleeps here. at home. mrs had two Sons Born.  
26 4
Clear & pleast. I went to mr Porters. mr Ballard to Esqr Farewels to Survey. Son Town Came here. Dolly went away with him, his famely well. at mr Porters.  
27 5
Clear & Cold. I was at mr Porters, he wrode my hors to winthrop. at Ditoes.  
28 6
at mr Porters, his wife was ill all Day; he gone. Capt Fillbrook Conducted her women there, he Came home. at Ditoes.  
29 7
X. Birth Benn Porters Dagt. XX.
Clear & pleasant. mrs Porter was Safe Deld at 1h morn of a Dagt. I left her at 9, as well as Could be Expected, & returnd home without attendance or Company. Calld at mr Pages & Son Pollards, Son Jona and his wife & Son there. Patty at her uncles. I lost a Larg hand kercf as I was on my way to washington. at Dtoes. Birth 40th
30 G
Cloudy. mr Ballard returnd. he fell & hurt his Side yesterday. I have been at home, have my work to Do my Self. at home.  
31 2
Cloudy & a little Snow. mr Ballard is Exercisd with pain in his Side which he hurt, but has been able to go to ye hook & to attend at a meeting off thee Church. I have been at home, washt my kitchen. my famely is reduced to four in Number. Cyrus has been to ye fort & ye hook, Ephm to work with his OXen for mr Livermore, & now this year is Come to a Close. May we begin a New one in the Servis of our Great Master, who will reward the his faithfull Servants. at home. mr Ballard is unwell.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.