Martha Ballard's Diary, December 1 - 4, 1792

1 7
Clear. mrs H. Rockwd finisht her goun & wore it home. mr Ballard been to ye hook & ye fort, Cyrus to mill. Parthenia put Coverleds into the loom. I have been at home. Dolly makeing a waist Cot for Cyrus of his old [Surtnet]. the Girls went to mr Livermores at Evn. at home.  
2 G
Clear but Cold. we were informd that Old Lady Coney was not like to Survive but little while as her Symptoms are more Dangerous. mr Livermore, his wife & Son & my Self went over to See her. Crost ye river in a Canoe by breaking thro ye ice in Several places. we found the old Lady in A very helples & allmost Sencles Situation. her Dagt Cumings is her Nurs, her tryals are great. God grant her Strength & patients to perform her arduous task. Moses Pollard was very ill this night. I was Calld up to help Hannah Nurs him. I went to See Old Lady Coney who has had a late Shock of ye Palsey, her left Side is useless.  
3 2
Cloudy & Clear. mr Ballard Sett out to Survey mr Pittss Land North from him. mrs Pollard Came here to See her Son who is very ill indeed. we gave him Sage Tea & a decoction off Snak root & Cammomile, [Steamd] his feet &C. the Girls washt, Jona here. at home. mrs Pollard here.  
4 3
Cloudy. mr Pollard & Pearly here to See Moses, he Seems a little more Comfortable; his Marm went home. Dolly went there to work. I have been at home, we batht mr Pollards feet and applyd Onions to them and he is much Better. mr Benn Porter Sleeps here. at home. mrs Pollard went home. mr Porter here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.