Martha Ballard's Diary, October 29 - November 2, 1792

29 2
Cloudy. Dolly went to mr Densmrs, mr Ballard to the hook. I have been at home. Sally here helping the Girls. mr Pollard & Savage Supt here. at home. we killd three young Turkeys.  
30 3
Clear & pleast. mr Ballard been to Colo Sewalls & the Hook. I have been at home. Sally & the Girls put a Bed quillt in to ye fraim for Parthenia. Sarah Densmore & Dolly here this Evng. at home. roasted a Turkey.  
31 4
Clear. mr Ballard went to pittstn. Polly Pollard, mrs Damrin & my Dagt Dolly quilted all day, mrs Livermore aftern. I have been at home. mr Town Sleeps here. at home.  
1 5
X. Birth Ezra Hodges Son. XX.
Cloudy & Some rain. mr Town left here after breakfast. the Girls had the Ladies to help them quillt. I was Calld to See mrss Hodges at 4h pm, Shee was Safe Deld at 11h Evn off a very fine Son, her Sixth Child. mr Ballard Came home. at mr Hodges. Birth 38th. Son Town went home.  
2 6
X. Birth Benn Stickneys Dagt. XX.
Clear foren, Cloudy aftn, rain at Evng. I receivd 6/ of mr Hodges & returnd home at noon, left my patient Cleverly. Calld at mr Burtuns, his Lady is Cleverly. I Bot off him 2 iron kettles which Cost 7/, 1 Spider @ 3/6, 2 pepper boxes & 2 Dippirs @ /6 Each, 2/; 1 yd binding /1, Ginn 2/6; total 15/1. I went to magr Stickneys at 9h Evn, his wife Deld at 11h 5m off a Dagt. I tarried all night. at Does & mr Burtuns & magr Stickneys. Birth 39. Bizer Benjamins wife Deld of 2 Sons, Both Dead.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.