Martha Ballard's Diary, October 25 - 28, 1792

25 5
X. Birth J. Kenney Son. X. X. Birth James Burtun Dagt. XX.
A rainy morn. mrs Kenny Deld off a Son at 1h morn, and mr Kenney gave me 6/ as a reward. mr Burtun Came after me at 2 o Clok. very hard rain. I left mrs Kenny her & inft Cleverly. I walkt to ye Landing thro great fatague, passt by water to mr Wessons, walkt from there to mr Burtuns. [   ] arivd at 4h morn, find his wife Deld off a Dagt but in Danger for want off assistance, but thro providence I Delivd her Safe at 4h 30m. I was as muddy as I Could well be. I tarried till near night. mr Burtun made me a prest of 6/ & a Looking Glass, price 7/6, which I beStowed on my Dagt Hannah. al Does & mr Burluns. B, 35. Birth 36th. mr Ballad at Esqr Conys, recvd his pay of him. Cyrus was here.  
26 6
Clear & Pleasant. mr Isaac Savage & his wife Dind here. mrs Black, her Sist Pollard & Polly here aftern. I was Calld to See mrs Kenney, made use off means & medesin which gave relief, & returnd home at 10h Evng. mr Savage & wife left here at 12. at mr Whites. we had Company.  
27 7
XX. Birth Elisha Preskts Son. XX.
Cloudy. I was Calld at at [sic] 4h morn to See the wife off Elisha Preskott who was in Labour, & was Safe Deld off a Son at 5h Evn. Shee was very ill, her Husband was absent. I was attended by an English young Lady who Lodges at mrs Sherburns. I left my Patients Cleverly & arive at home at 9h Evn; find my Son, his wife & Son here, all well. at Preskotts. Birth 37th.Son Jona & wife here. I Bot a Chees, wt 11 lb @ /7 pr lb.  
28 G
Cloudy foren, a little rain & Thunder; Clear before night. Cyrus was not at home. thee Matrimonial writes were Cellibrated between mr Moses Pollard off this Town and my Dagt Hannah this Evng. Esq Coney performd ye Ceremony. my Son & his wife & Son tarry here. at home. A Marriage in my Famely.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.