Martha Ballard's Diary, October 18 - 25, 1792

18 5
Cloudy Day, a very heavy Shower at Evn. mr Ballard at Esqr Coneys. I have been at home, quilld for Hanh. at home.  
19 6
Clear & Pleast. mr Ballard at mr Sheppards on Business with Genl Dearburn & Colo Howard. I have been at home. Hannah got her web out, 20 yds. Esqr Wesson & mr Livermore Supt here. at home.  
20 7
Clear. mr Ballard & Esqr Wesson went to ye Hook & to Esqr Coneys. I went to mr Sheppards, Bot 28-3/4yds Cambliteen, Cost 38/; Case knives & forks 8/; Small Spoons 1/2; Sewing Silk /10; total 48/. at mr Dummers Bot 1 Dozn plates, Cost 3/. rainy Evng. at mr Sheppards & Dummers. Hannah has wove 40 yds this weak.  
21 G
Cloudy Day, rain at Evnn. we have Been at home. killed a Turkey & Cookt it for Dinner. Cyrus not here. at home.  
22 2
Clear & Cold. I Did work of Divers kinds till about midnight, was then Calld to See mrs Kenny. at mr Gillmans  
23 3
X. Birth James Kenneys Son. XX.
Clear & not So Cold. mrs Kenney Deld of a Son at 10h morn. I left her & inft Cleverly at 3 pm & returnd home, receivd 6/. at mr Kenneys. Birth 34th
24 4
Clear. mrs Densmore & Dolly here to work makeing Gouns for my Self & all three of the Girls. mr Ballard at mr Dummers, Bot 6 Bowls, Cost 3/. mr Densmr Supt here. I was Calld to Thos Kenneys at 11 Evn. at Thos Kenneys. raind at 10h Evng
25 5
X. Birth J. Kenney Son. X. X. Birth James Burtun Dagt. XX.
A rainy morn. mrs Kenny Deld off a Son at 1h morn, and mr Kenney gave me 6/ as a reward. mr Burtun Came after me at 2 o Clok. very hard rain. I left mrs Kenny her & inft Cleverly. I walkt to ye Landing thro great fatague, passt by water to mr Wessons, walkt from there to mr Burtuns. [   ] arivd at 4h morn, find his wife Deld off a Dagt but in Danger for want off assistance, but thro providence I Delivd her Safe at 4h 30m. I was as muddy as I Could well be. I tarried till near night. mr Burtun made me a prest of 6/ & a Looking Glass, price 7/6, which I beStowed on my Dagt Hannah. al Does & mr Burluns. B, 35. Birth 36th. mr Ballad at Esqr Conys, recvd his pay of him. Cyrus was here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.