Martha Ballard's Diary, September 28 - October 3, 1792

28 6
Clear, a Cold N W wind. mrss Hinkley Calld here. I have been at home, mr working on thee Bridg. at home.  
29 7
Clear & pleast. mr Densmore Butcherd a Swine for us which wd 30[  ]. mr Ballard went to ye hook. Esq Jewet off [Dover] Sleeps here. I have been at home. mrs Colman Calld here. at home.  
30 G
Clear. mr Ballard & Parthenia & Dolly & Ephm attended Public worship. mr Smith Deliverd a farewell Sermon, his text foren Corinth 13:13, aftn, Isah 17:17: Wilm Haywood Dind & my son Jona Supt here. I receivd a Letter from Doct Barton informing his famely are well & that Aunt Moore was Deceast, & her remains were interd 15 inst. at home. receivd a Letter from Doct Barton which informs me off ye Death of Aunt Moore.  
1 2
Clear. mr Ballard workt on the Bridg, raising it. mrs Densmore & my Dagt Dolly Dind & took Tea with us. mr Waid Dind. I have been at home kniting. at home. mrss Densmr here.  
2 3
Clear & Cloudy by turns. mr Ballard finisht raising ye Bridg ys morn. he has been Laying out a Streat at the hook. I have been at home. mrss Pollard, Dagt Ballard & Lucy Petty here. Lucy Sleeps here. at home. mrss Pollard here. we beemd a web off, 26 yds.  
3 4
Cloudy foren & Some Snow. Lucy workt here part of ye Day. Dolly Dind & took Tea with us. mr Ballard got wood & Dug Potatoes. I have been at home. Sent 6/ for Indigo & Sallts to Buck with. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.