Martha Ballard's Diary, July 20 - 24, 1792

20 6
A Shour ys morn. Dolly went to mr Densmors. mr Livermore Butcherd 2 Piggs for us. I roasted one for Dinner. Dolly Came & Dind, Jona & his wife allso. they left here at 3 O Clock am. I have been at home, am not very well. at home. Jona & wife went home.  
21 7
X. Birth Benn Preskotts 2nd Son. XX.
Clear & fine morn. I was Calld at the Dawn off Day to See Benn Preskotts wife, who was Safe Deld at 1h pm of a Son. I left her Some what Comfortable at 3h 15m. had to wride in a Shower, arivd home at 4. mr Preskott gave me 6/ as a reward. mr Savage was there to See if I Could go & See his wife which Causd my hurrying home. Dolly Complains off a pain in her head. at Benn Preskotts. Birth 27. his 2nd Child. Cyrus been to Winthrop this Day.  
22 G
Clear. I Do not feel So well as I Could wish, Did not attend public worship. the rest off my Famely Did Except Patty. Colo Duttun Supt here. Dolly Complains of pain in her head. at home.  
23 2
Clear. I went as far as my Sons. Calld to See mrs Andrews and mrs Savage, they are not very well. mr Hamlin had a house phraim raisd this aftern. mr [sic] Dagts are gone there to a Daunce, Ephm allso. Sally was gone to Capt Savages. at Jonas & other Neigrs. mr Ballard finisht geting his hay.  
24 3
X. Birth mr Andrews Son. XX.
Cloudy. I was Calld out Before Day to See thee wife off Saml Dawin, was met at ye foot of ye hill beyond Savage Boltons with News that Shee was got to bed, & returnd home. mr Andrews Calld me at noon, his wife Deld off a Son at 4h PM. I tarried all night, my Patient Cleverly. at mr Andrwss. Birth 27th. Saml Dawin had a Child Born ys morn.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.