Martha Ballard's Diary, May 3 - 6, 1792

3 5
X. Birth Peter Grants Son. XX.
A Cloudy, Dull Day. I was Calld by Peter Grant to See his wife. they had Calld Doct Parker before I arivd & he Seemd to Chuse to Perform the opperation which took Place at 1h 11m AM. I lift her & infant Cleverly at 2h and arivd Safe at home about 4. Dolly & Sally Densmr here at Evng. I receivd 6/ of mr Grant. at mr Grants, Pittstn, his first Childwas Born. Doct Parker Performd ye Operation. 
4 6
A misty Day, the Sun Shone a few minuits about 10 morn. I have been at home. Put 17 Eggs under a Turkey who was Seting. at home.  
5 7
Cloudy the most of ye Day. I have been at home. Jona Dind here. I have Planted Beens & Beets before the Door. the Boys planted Potatoes. mr Livirmr Sowd Pees for us on the Entervail. at home.  
6 G
Cloudy foren, the Sun Shone from then a few hours. A Shour at Evng, thunder. mrs Cowen here. Sally and Polly Densmr Drank Tea. Dolly went home with thim. I Sett a Turkey on 17 Eggs. at home. Cyrus Sleeps athis Brors

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.