Martha Ballard's Diary, April 28 - May 2, 1792

28 7
Clear. mr Ballard been makeing preperation for his Tour into the woods. I have been at home. John Savage workt for us. I put 16 Eggs under a Turkey. Dolly Came home. mr Livrmr Supt here. at home.  
29 G
Clear & pleast. we have been preparing for mr Ballards Deparlure to Lay out Town Ships. Wm Haywood & Jona Dind. mr Jones took Tea here. at home. mr Jones here.  
30 2
X. Birth Moses Whites Dagt. fee receivd. XX.
Clear & pleast. I was Calld to See Moses Whites Lady who was in travil. I arivd there at 4h morn. the Lady Safe Deld of a Dagt at 11h 5m. I left her at 2 pm, find on my return that mr Ballard took his Departure on his Tour of Surveying at 12 O Clok. may God prospur & return him [&] his Company in Safety. I receivd 6/ of mr White by mr Roberson. a letter from Bror Collins at 2d inst, one from Doct Barton of 16th; Hannah one fm her aunt Barton of 18, all which inform our friends are well. at mr Moses Whites. Birth 15th. mr Ballad Sett out on his Tour of Surveyng. I recievd Letters fm oxford.  
1 3
Clear & pleast. John Savage Came Here to work. I have been at home, Began to make Gardin. at home. workt in my gardin.  
2 4
Clear & pleast Day but a frost ys morn. I workt in ye Gardin till near night, then went to See mrs Livermore who is not So well as usual. Hannah has a pain in her head. at mr Livrmrs. I Sowd SomeCarrot Seed. Hannah unwell at Evng.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.