Martha Ballard's Diary, April 1 - 5, 1792

1 G
Clear & very pleast. I have been at home, Cyrus & Dolly at home. my three Dagts went to See mrs Livirmore, Shee has a pain in her face ocationed by a Cold. I have not been So well as I Could wish my Self ys Day. at home. Dolly wrote to wido Barton.  
2 2
Clear & pleast. this Town met to Vote for Govrs, Sennater, &C, I went to See mrs Livermore, Shee is a little Easier. mr Densmore, his wife, two Dagts & my Dagt here. the Ice broke up & the river open allmost acrost, against our houses. it parted so that people Crost in boats at ye fort. at mr Livermores. we had Company.  
3 3
Clear & very pleast. mr Ballard went up to mr Joness, informs me yt yr Son Stephen is Scolt Badly. I Went to See mrs Livermore, find her very unwell. her face is Sweld & Shee is in much pain. I applyd a Cateplasm made of hysop and wheat Bran, & Shee Seems Easier. the Ice removd Above here & the river is open this aftern. at Docs. the rivir Opend.  
4 4
Clear & pleast. Jonn & his wife went to house keeping. Hannah wrode up with Sally, Ephm walkt. mr Manly and he went and Carried Jonns things from here by water in ye forenn. mr Ballard has been to Colo Howards. I went to See mrs Livermore, find her much more Comfortable. mrs Hinkly & White there. Selvenus Hatch Sleeps here. mr Waid & mr Ballard Divided the flax which we raisd on his land. at mr Livermors
5 5
foggy & Some Showers, lite ones. I went to Peter Joness to See his Son who is Scalt. I tarried all night, the Child is a little Easiel. I went to bed but Did not Sleep but little. at mr Peter Joness

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.