Martha Ballard's Diary, February 9 - 13, 1792

9 5
Cloudy & Snow. mr Bolton went to Docts & Bot Senan & Seeds; I gave the infant Some. they Calld mrs Savage there & I left the Child a little Easier & returnd home, was over Sett once. felt Exceedingly fatagud, went to bed before dark. was Calld out again at ye 11 h pm & went to Joseph Preskotts, his wife in Labour. mrs Hinkly & Preskot wrode part of the way with me. at Ditoes & mr Preskots. receivd a letter from Sist Waters of Jany 20th 1792. Sent one to Doct Barton.  
10 6
X. Birth Joseph Preskots Son. XX.
Clear & Cool. my Patient was very unwell thro the night but was Safe Deld at 6h morn of a Lusty Son. I left her & inft Cleverly at 11 morn & arivd at home at 2h pm; receivd 4lb Coffee for my trouble. Jona Came home at Evn, informs me yt Savage Boltons infant Expird at 5 ys morn. at mr Preskots. Birth 11th. Death mrBoltn infant.  
11 7
Clear but very Cold morn, a pleast Sun in ye middle of ye Day. mr Ballard returnd at Evn, Dolly Came home. Jona has attended funeral of mr Boltons inft, but a Small number there. I have been at home, have not been able to perform any Business. at home. funeral of mr Boltons inft Son.  
12 A
Birth mr Randals Son. XX.
Cloudy morn. I was Calld between midnight & 1h m to See mrs Randal, who was Safe Deld at 1h of a fine Son. Shee Sufferd before my arival but the life of mother & Child were preservd. I tarried all night, receivd my fee in Pork, 18lb, & 4lb Lard for former attendance. I left the Lady & inft as well as Could be Expected. Calld to See mrs F Brown who I find Cleverly. a mr Randals. Birth 12th.  
13 2
Clear & Pleast Sun but Cold air, a very Cold night. mr Ballard out after hay, procurd 1/2 a ton at mr Norriss. mr Densmores Dagts & Cousin here, Dolly allso. Cyrus Came for his Daddy to go & mend his mill. I have been at home knitting on Cyruss mitt. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.