Martha Ballard's Diary, February 5 - 8, 1792

5 A
Clear & pleast. I went to Pittstn to See mrs Town who is unwell. my hors Stumbled & Dismounted me, Brusd a little but I was able to walk till I met a Sleigh. the Gentlemen there in asisted in mounting my hors again & I arivd in Safety; aplid Camphir to my brouses, tarried & Dind. left Direction & medisin & returnd home at 5h pm. mr Seth Williams Came for me to go and See his Lady who is not So well as Could be wisht. I went, made use of means & medisine which gave relief & Spent ye night with her. at Bror Towns & mr Williams.  
6 2
Clear & Some windy. I returnd from mr Williams after Breakfast, find mr Ballard is gone to Fairfields back of Pittstn, & Ephm to mill with his teem for our Selvs & mr Densmores & Livermr; got home at 9h Evng. mr Benn Porter & Son & Judy Heuston here. I wrote to Doct Barton. at mr Williams. Judy Heuston Benn Porter here.  
7 3
Clear & Pleast. I went to mr Densmores. Capt Savages Lady Came here & Sent for me home. Cyrus Dind here & Conducted mrs Savage to the hook in his Sleigh. my Sons are gone to ye meddow. Savage Bolton brot a Load of hay, informs me his infant is unwell. John Savage went with one teem. at mr Densmrs. mrs Savage here, & Cyrus.  
8 4
Clear. I am very unwell. Hannah is gone to mr Densmores to have an over Coat Cutt out. I was Calld at 2h pm to See Savage Boltons inft, find it a very Destresst Child. I tarried all night, tho very unable. mr Cragg Calld me to See his Dagt who has the Cough & other Complaints. mrs Savage at Boltons. at mr Boltons, watcht, mrs Brown allso.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.