Martha Ballard's Diary, February 1 - 4, 1792

1 4
Sun Shine & Cloudy by turns, the wind Westwd. mr Ballard returnd from pittstn, Brot Some Cloath which he bot of mr Barker, & went to mr Savages. I have been at home kniting on my own Stockin. at home.  
2 5
X. Birth Capt FilleBrown Dagt & first Child. XX.
Clear & pleast. I was Calld to see mrs Randal at ye Sitty. Shee removd from Shuball Hinkleys in the night. I was Calld from there at 12h to Capt F Browns, his Lady had her women Calld at 1h pm, & was Safe Deld of a Dagt which wd 10lb at 1h 45m pm, & is Cleverly. Shee was very ill indeed before Delivery. at mr Randals & Capt F Browns. Birth 9th. my Dagts went to Pittstn ys Evng
3 6
X. Birts [Seth], Williamss Dagt. XX.
Clear, a very Sharp air ys morn. I was Calld from ye Capts at 2h 30m morn by mr Williams, arivd at 3. his Lady was very ill & was Safe Deld at 3h 45m & Seems Cleverly. I left there & returnd to ye Capts at 6h 50m. took mr Willms gave me 6/ as a reward. I went to See mis Randal, find her more Comfortable and returnd home, attended by Capt F Brown who bestowd Two Crowns & a Tea pot & Sett of Tea Dishes for my Servis there. mrs Densmore here, Cutt my Goun. mrs Lidia Cleark Sleeps here. I feel a great deal falagud. Dolly at home. at mr Williamss, ye Capts & mr Randals. Birth 10th.  
4 7
Cloudy. mrs Lidia & Dolly went to mr Densmores aft Breakfast. Lidia Came back & wrode down on ye Carriage yt Ephm was going to mill with. mr Ballard went to mr Shepherds, bot 2 bushl Corn @ 3/; to mr Livermores got 2 lb raisens a /8, 2 Skeins Silk a /4-1/2; to Colo Duttuns bot W.E.R. 2/1 ; to mr Dumers & bot 3 yds Sarsnet @ 2/6 pr yd, 1 Sheat past bord /8. I have been at home, finisht footing my worsted hoes & began a pair of yarn ones. Ephm been to Pittstn mill. Cyrus Came home with him. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.