Martha Ballard's Diary, January 1 - 6, 1792

1 A
A Clear morn, overcast Day, Snow at Evn. mr Ballard went to hear mr Smith, he Performd in the Acadame at ye hook. I have been at home. Cyrus & Dolly here. mr Ballard at mr Pollards, he was here ys Evn. mr Densmores Dagts & Lucy Kennady here. Dolly went away. at home.  
2 2
Snow foren, raind at Evng. mr Ballard & Ephm went to ye meddow. I have been at home. Hannah warpt & Got her web to work. I did hous work, feel fatagud. at home. Hannah Put a web into ye loome.  
3 3
Cloudy foren, Clear & very pleast aftern. mr Ballard is gone to Varsalboro with others on a Road. I have been at home doing house work. Hannah weaving, wove 5 & 1/2 yds. at home.  
4 4
Clear & Cold. mr Ballard returnd. I have been at home, wound quills. Hanh has wove 5 & 1/2 yds. mr Livermr here at Evn, left 8 Dollars which Esq Coney Sent to mr Ballard. the Esqr Sett out for Boston ys morn. at home.  
5 5
Clear & Pleast. mr Ballard & Epm giting wood. mr Bullin & Lady here, he Brot us Beef. Jona brot home a goos & 25 lb Beef. I went to mr Shepherds, Bot 3 Chip hatts & a Sheet past bord for which I paid 3/9 Cash. I Calld at mr Livermores & took my ring which mr Greanlief mended. Hannah got her piece out of ye Loom, 15-1/2 yds. I went to the Stores at ye hook. Snowd in ye night. mr Bullin & Lady here.  
6 6
Clear & very windy, the Snow flys briskly. mr Ballard & Epm are gone to the Meddow, they returnd with out reaching ther by reason of the wind. Hannah & I made the Cottne & wool Sheets. Jona has not been at home Since yesterday. mr Ballard Sett a Bone in my left wrist which I misplast as I was wriding yesterday. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.