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December 5 - 9, 1791
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Clear. mr Ballard went to Capt Husseys for wool, he found his Cannoe which has been gone Some time. he & Ephm hauled it out of the water. I have been at home, Did house work, Hannah Spun. Dolly went to mr Densmores, had a Bed & bed Stead Carried for her to Sleep on. at home.
6 3

X. Birth mr Bradfords Son. XX. receivd 6/ by my Son Cyrus, Sept 30 1792 of mr Bradfd.

Snowd all day. I was Calld by mr Bradford of Pitts ton at 7h morn. I wrode our hors as far as the hook Point. Ephm went to take her home. I then prosceeded by water, arivd at 9h, found the Lady Safe Deld (by Doct Parker) of a very fine Son, her Second Child; both Sons. I was Conducted by Nath Norcross (of Littleboro) by water as far as mr Selvesters. Calld there and warmd, and walkt from there home. I was wet & much fatagud indeed. I arivd at home at 7h Evn. at mr Bradfords of Pitts ton. Snowd.33nd Birth.
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Snowd all Day. mr Ballard was Siesd with pain (ys morn) but got Easier in a Short time. Parthenia Came from mr Childss I have been at home, Doubled Stockin yarn which Dagt Town gave me & Some which Hannah Spun. Jack Livermr & Ephm went to the hook, got their Sheep home but Did not find ours. at home. Snowd. Parthen Came home.
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Snowd Some. mr Ballard went to help Cyrus Dress his mill. Clear at Evn. I was Calld at 9h Evn to see mrs Walker. the ice run but we got Safe over. I wrode from Mr Devenports Landing. at mr Walkers.
9 6

X. Birth mr Walkers Son. XX.

Clear morn, Snowd before noon, Clear aftn. mrs Walkers was Safe Deld of a Son whichwd 10-1/4 lb. I Came from there at 11h & arivd Safe at home at 1 h pm, find that mrs Pitts had Sent for me. I laid Down & Slept, had a Severe fit of Cramp. at Does. Birth 34th. fee receivd Feby [25] 1792.
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December 5 - 9, 1791
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