Martha Ballard's Diary, November 15 - 19, 1791

15 3
Dolly went to mr Densmores. A Smart N E wind with a powerfl rain the morning, Cleard of pleast before noon. Dolly went to mr Densmores to Learn the Taylors art. I wish her Sucseess & happiness. Ephm gone to hall hay for mr Hamlin, he returnd without doing it. I have been at home, Spun wick yarn & made the wicks for 21 Dozn Candles. at home. raind again at Evn.  
16 4
Cloudy. I began to make Candles & was Calld to See mrs Wesson, I find her as well as Could be Expected, but of the mind Shee Can not take Care of her inft at home. a Stupud afair, I think, but She must Do as Shee pleases. at mr Wessons. walkt home, was much fatgd
17 5
Cloudy this Day, observd as a public thanks giving. Dolly & Cyrus at home, tarry all night. Son Town here, his famely have the Cough. mr Fuller & James Wall Sleep here. I watcht with mr Densmores infant, his Childn all Cough very much. at mr Densmores all night. Son Town here. mr Eaton Drownd.  
18 6
Cloudy. I Came home at Day and, after takeing Breakfast, Laid Down and Slept, but watchings are very fatagng to me at this time of life. mr Town & Fuller left here. at Does. mr David Jackson Lost at Sea, his Vessel allso.  
19 7
Clear part of ye Day. I finisht makeing my Cottne Shifts & went to See mr Densmores Childn, find the infant is weaker, the others much as they were. I wrote to Doct Waters and enclosd a letter for Doct Barton. the wife of mr Edwd Springer of this Town was interd this Day. Shee departed this Life the night of the 17tnth inst, her infant interd with her. at Ditoes. I wrote Bror Waters.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.