Martha Ballard's Diary, September 18 - 24, 1791

18 B
Clear & very pleast. I have been at home, Cyrus here. mr Ebenz Davis of Charltn, & Hains Learned Sleeps here. mr Davis informs yt Sist Barton got to Bed with a Dagt (Son) before he left Oxford. at home. Ebenz Davis & H. Learned Sleep here.  
19 2
Clear & very pleast. mr Learned left here after Breakfast homewd Bound. mr Davis aft Dinner by whome I wrote to Bror Collins, Elijah Barton & Sist Waters. mr Ballard went to thee hook Twice ys Day. Phebe Hinkley here at even. my Girls Washt and piecing Bed quillts. they went to mr Burtuns attended by Moses Pollard. it raind Soon after they left home. at home. mr Davis left here. I wrote to my friends. my girls went to mr Burtuns. mrs Barton Came here this night.  
20 3
Cloudy & Some rain. we put a Bed Quillt into the fraim. I went to See mrs Densmore aftern, Shee is not so well as usual. Jack Livermore Cutt his ankle, took a piece of Bone off. my girls Bakt Cakes & Pies. at mr Densmores.  
21 4
Clear. mr Ballard Surveyd for Capt Ney. my Girls had a quillting, got out one & partly quillted an other. thee Gent men & Ladies Daunced in ye Evn. Polly Bisbee tarried all night. at home, we had a Quillting.  
22 5
Birth mr Densmores Dagt.
Cloudy part of ye Day. mr Densmr Calld me Early ys morn to See his wife. Shee was Safe Deld of a Dagt at 3 h pm & I returnd home at Sun Sett. I have been very unwell. at mr Densmores. Birth 25.  
23 6
Cloudy. mr Ballard gone to Pitts town. we put a Bed quillt into the Fraim & my Self, mrs Barton & my three girls got it out an hour before Sun Sett. I went to mr Densmores, Came home & finisht Cyruss Stockins. at mr Densmores, Drest her infant.  
24 7
Cloudy. mr Ballard gone to winthrop, mrs Barton to Pitts town, Ephm to take the hors back. I went to mr Densmores, gave the inft manna. at Ditoes. I waighd the wool I had of mrs Badcok, wt 2 lb 11 oz.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.