Martha Ballard's Diary, September 7 - 11, 1791

7 4
Cloudy morn, Clear aftn. mr Ballard has been Surveying for mr J. Jones. Cyrus tending Mill for P. Jones, my Dats & Parthenia to help mrs Hinkley quillt. I have been at home, took Care of my pickeles, gathering Seeds & knitting. at home. my Girls went to mr Hinkleys. mrs Shaw Sent me Some Vinegar.  
8 5
Clear. mr Ballard been Surveying for mr Martin at ye hook. I have been to See mrs Cumings, mrs Sewall there, mrs Voce & Betsy allso. I went to Doct Coneys, thee old Lady is more Comfortable. at mr Cumingss & Doct Coneys. Son Town Sleeps here.  
9 6
Clear aftern. my Girls washt & went to help Thos Hinkleys wife quillt. mr Ballard been to Pitts town, Cyrus to Varsalboro. Son Town been to Pownalboro, he Sleeps here ys night. Judy Hueston here. I have been at home, gatherd Seeds & Cammomile, mint & hysop. at home. Son Town Sleeps here.  
10 7
Clear. Son Town left here homewd Bound. Bror Town was here. mr Balld went up to mr Pollards. I went to mr Wicksoms to Carry 4 lb wool for her to Comb. I Calld at mr [Baxters], bot 1/2 lb Tea a 3/pr lb. Cyrus went to Pitts town, took posession of ye Grist mill & returnd here at Evn. at mr Wicksoms. Bror Town here ys Day. Cyrus went to Pitts town to tend mill.  
11 B
X. Birth John Badcks Son & 5th Child. XX.
Cloudy & Some rain. I went last night before mid night to John Badcoks, his wife being in Labour. a message Came there at 10h ys morn for me to go & See mrs Sherburn, Shee being in Labour allso. I Could not leave my Patient. I Delivrd her of a fine Son at 1 h pm & returnd home. walkt 2 miles, Came by water to ye rock & walkt from there. find mr Jones here, mr Hamlin & wife & mrs Livermore here. Cyrus went to pitts town, Carried his Bed & Chest; he is 35 years old this Day. a Child of Seth Williamss wounded it Self in ye boddy ys Day. Jeremy White Calld me at 9 Evn to See his wife. I Sett up the most of thee night. old Lady White & Shuball Hinkleys wife there. at mr Badcocks. Birth Jones & others here. Cyrus 35 years old ysDay. mrs Sherburn Deld of a Dagt. Williamss Childwounded. I have helpt 403 Childn into Existancein this Eastern Country Since the year 1777.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.