Martha Ballard's Diary, July 28 - August 4, 1791

28 5
Clear & hott. I have been very unwell. I was Seisd with thee Colic last night and got but little rest. I have Cleand a little Cabbage Seed. Polly Densmr here, Says her Marm is Some better. Shee has had a tissick. at home.  
29 6
Clear & very warm. mr Ballard returnd from mr Lees. I went to mr Westons, Bot 3lb Pott ash at /6, to mr Burtuns, Left four Dollars & an order on mr Cogsil of Boston for 3 M of Shingles left by Hains Learned in Oct 88 Which he is to purchase articles with for me in Boston. we receivd a letter from Brotr Elijah of the 21st inst, informing our friends were in health. at mr Burtuns & Westons & Densmores, Shee is got Better. receivd a Letter from [Br] Elijah of 21 inst.  
30 7
Clear Day, Cloudy Evng. mr Ballard Brusd his Leg a halling timber. I applyd Camphere. he attended Lectere aftern. John JohnSton took Breakfast here. I went to mr Livermores, Polly and Alice were unwell. I washt our Cloath, Dried it and Putt in Ley. there was a Church meeting held. at mr Livermores. Dolly Spun 34 notts of Linning yarn ys Day. Ingrahams Dagt born.  
31 B
Clear & warm morn. mr Ballard, Jona and Hannah attended public worship and I wrote to Brotr Collins, Elijah Barton & Sist Waters to Send by mr Burtun. I Sent him 7/11-2/1 by Hannah to purchace things in Boston for me. mr Pollard and his wife here. I was Calld at Sun Sett to Saml Badcocks wife, went by water. I was Seisd after I gott there with thee Collic. Did not Sleep any this night. at Saml Badcoks. I wrote to my [friends] at Oxford. I had the Collic ys night.  
1 2
rainy. I was at mr Badcocks, very ill with the Collic all day, had Ease at Evng. at Dittoes.  
2 3
Clear. at Dittoes & at Jery Badcocks. at Dittoes.  
3 4
Clear. mrs Badcock is more Comfortable. at Ditoes.  
4 5
Clear. I left mrs Badcock, walkt home. Dolly is poorly. Foster to work here. finisht my [Shoes], I went to mr Pitts Store, Bot 1 quart W E Spirrit, 1 Skein of Black Silk and 2 knots off Thread, all cost 2/3. I Calld at mr Pollards & mr Densmores, went to See mrs Welch who is unwell. mrs Lucy Norcross & mrs Pheba Hinkly here. mr Ballard workt on mr Densmrs house. at Ditoes. had Compy

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.