Martha Ballard's Diary, June 28 - July 2, 1791

28 3
Clear & pleasant. I wrote to Sister Waters & went to mr Westons. Commited my Letters to him for Conveyance. Hannah Receivd a Letter from Ezra Davis of Boston of 17th inst, wrote him by mr Weston with hoome I left 6/ to procure wine for Dolly. mrs Livermore here ys aftn. mr Adams & his Bror Left here after Breakfast. at mr Westons, Sent Letters by him to my friends. Jona Sleeps here.  
29 4
Clear. I houghd my plants by the Door, went to mr Livermrs. Came home, wed onions. Son Town Came here, informs his family are well & that Thomas Sewalls wife was Delivd last Lords Day. mr Ballard been to runn ye lines round his land at the north End of ys town. Polly Livermore here on a visit. Dolly not So well as usual. Son Town Sleeps here. at mr Livrmrs. Son Town Sleeps here. mr Ballard been runing lines for him Self.  
30 5
Clear. mr Ballard & Cyrus Surveying. I wed gardin foren. Esqr Coney here. Son Town left here homewd bound. mrs Welch here. mrs Livermore & I went to mr Whiles. Old mr Hinkley here. mr Adams & Sprague here who presented an Election Sermon to my Dagt for her Daddy. mr Ballard did not return, Cyrus did. at mr Whites. mr Adams left mr Robbins Election Sermon.  
1 6
Clear. I have workt in my gardin. mr Ballard is Surveying, tarries ys night. Clarrissia Barton & Lucy [ ens] Dind here. Parthenia went to mr Foots. mrs Livermore here. Deacon Coneys house raisd. at home. Parthena went to mr Foots. Deacon Coneys house raisd
2 7
Clear. I have been at home, have not been quite So well as usual. mr Ballard returnd, has Surveyd his land lying at the North End of ys town. he informs me that Jona is not well. Dolly has wove 6 Hand kerchiefs ys Day, & Hannah 2. Parthenia returnd. at home. mr Ballard Came home from Surveying.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.