Martha Ballard's Diary, June 21 - 27, 1791

21 3
Clear. I have been at home. mrs Livrmr & mrs White here. Esqr Coney Calld to See Dolly, recommends her taking Port Wine. Leut Hains Learned, Shuball Pitts & Juet Foster here all night. mr Ballard been to ye hook to a meeting of the Propriaters of Unity. at home. mr Learned Sleeps here.  
22 4
Clear. I have been to See mrs Livermore, Shee is unwell. mr Learned & Foster went from here after Breakfast. mr Ballard went to Wiscasset. at mr Livermores.  
23 5
Clear. mrss Livermore & Dinsmore and Polly took Tea with me. I have been at home, quilld for Hannah, workt Some in my Gardin & knitt Some. mr Ballard returnd, mr Livermr Drank Tea with him. at home.  
24 6
Clear & hott. mr Johnston & wife, mr Woodward, Capt Springer & my son Jona Dind. mrs Anny Bullin Drank Tea & Sleeps here. I have been to make a Syrrip for mrs Livermore. mr Ballard been to his Land at ye uper end of ys Town. at mr Livermo[res].  
25 7
Clear foren, Showers aftn. mr [sic] Anne Bullin went from here after Dineing. I wed Gardin Some, helpt Sett plants. mrs Densmore Sent me 80 Cabbages & Turnips. mr Chamberlin here. mr Ballard went to mr Carrs, receivd 6/ for a plann of unity. Hannah Got her webb out, 45 yds. at home. Hannah got her webb out.  
26 B
Clear. I have been at home, wrote to Brothr Barton & Sister & Collins. Jona took Breakfast & Dind here, he Brot us part of a Smokt Salmon. at home, wrote Letters.  
27 2
rain foren, the Sun Shone a little while aft n, Showers after 6 h Evng. mr Adams, thee Printer, & another Gentleman with him, putt in here by reason of ye rain, tarry all night. I have been at home. at home, workt Some in my Gardin.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.