Martha Ballard's Diary, June 9 - 13, 1791

9 5
X. Birth Eliab Shaws Dagt. X. Birth Alvin Neys Son XX.
Cloudy. I was at Eliab Shaws, Calld there at 9 h Last Evng. his wife ill all night & was Safe Deld a 8 h ys morn of a Dagt. I left her Cleverly. Came with Spead to alvin Neys who was there after me at 7h ys morn. I arivd at Neys at ye 11 h. his wife was Safe Delivrd at 2h 30m aftn of a Son. I receivd 6/ of him for my performance. left his wife & Son Cleaverly and arivd at home at half aft 6 very much fatagud, went to bed Early. we had a thunder Shower in ye night. at mr Shaws, Neys. Birth 16 & 17. I have [not] Slept [since] I left [home]. mr Town & Jona at Pownalboro
10 6
Clear. I rose late, workt Some in my gardin, then Lucy & I went to See old Lady Coney. Dind with ye Docts Lady. Calld Calld [sic] at mr Cumingss, returnd home at 3h pm & went to mr Livermores. mrs Black Came here. I was Sent for home. mrs Livrmr & Daugt Drank Tea with us. mr Town returnd from Pounalboro. mr Pitts here at Evng. at [Deacon] Coneys & other Neighrs
11 7
Clear & Pleast. my Childn left here at 9h morn Bound for home, mr Pitts allso. I went to work in ye gardin. Cyrus got wood & went to Pitts town. I have workt in ye gardin all Day. mr Thorp Came for his Shirts which Dolly made, paid 5/3d for makeing. at home. Son & Dagt Town left here.  
12 B
Clear & very warm. Elisabh Cleark here, informs me mr Pages inft is not so well as they Could wish. I went to see it, gave Directions &C. Jona here, took Breakfast & Dind with us. mr Page gave me 6/ as a reward for Servis Done. Old Lady Coney is not so well. Polly Livermr & my girls pickt Strauburys. at mr Pages.  
13 2
Clear & very warm. I wed my onions, was allmost overcome with ye heat. Juet Foster Drank Tea with us. mr Pitts here. my Girls washt ys day. at home. Esq Coney returnd from [Coast].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.