Martha Ballard's Diary, May 20 - 26, 1791

20 6
Cloudy forn, raind aftern. I wed part of my Peas. mr Livermore and his Sons here Planking Seller. Dolly finisht a Pair of trousers for Jon a, he Dind here. at home. Capt Howland went Down ys after noon with his Sloop.  
21 7
Clear Except a Sprinkling of rain. I have been weading Gardin & planting mellions & Beens. Dolly went to See Jona. Cyrus Came here at Evn. at home.  
22 B
Cloudy part of ye Day. Magr Keath here. my Dagts went to mr Hamlins. I have been at home. mr Fields informd yt Nabby Hodskins is very low indeed. at home.  
23 2
Clear. Dolly had a faint turn. I went to See Nabby Hodskins after I had wed one onion Bed, find her very low. I tarried all night & watcht. at mr Hodskins, watcht with his Dagt.  
24 3
Clear & warm. I returnd home foren, left mrs Hodskins a little revivd. I Calld at mr Densmores to See Thomas who is very unwell. find Dolly as well as Shee generally is. I went to mr Livermors, find his Lady unwell. mr Dummer & Capt Hussey & Juet Foster here. mr Ballard & Sons Sett out to fence the Meddow at 3 h PM. Cyrus Came home. Nabby Hodskn no better. at Dtoes & other Neigrs. mr Ballard gone to fence his Meddow.  
25 4
rainy. mr Densmore Came here for me to go & See his little Son. thee rain abated & I went about noon. we adminesterd a Clister, the Child revivd. Betty Complains of pain in her head. Liddia had a fitt of the Collic, Anne is poorly with a Cold. I tarried till near night, then walkt home. Cyrus been to the meddow. mr Ballard, he & Epm & John Savage Came home. mr Bald went to mr Pollards on a reference. at mr Densmores to See his Children who are unwell.  
26 5
Clear. mr Hurd & Robbinson here from Oxford, Brot Letters from Bror & Sist Barton & Collins, which informs my friends all well. I went to mr Densmors, the Child got releif by phissick & Clister. I Set out home. was Calld upon & went & put ye Grave Cloaths on mrs Nabby Hodskins, returnd home late. at Ditoes & mr Hodskins, his Dagt Expird. mrs T Slakpool Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.