Martha Ballard's Diary, April 24 - 30, 1791

24 B
Cloudy all Day, rain aftn. we were informd yt mr Gould was to preach. mr Ballard & Cyrus & Ephm went up but found it was a misrepresentation. Jona Dind here. mr Livermore Drank Tea. I have been at home. rainy night. at home.  
25 2
Clear. I was Calld at 10 morn to See mrs Cottle, arivd there at 1h pm, find her very unwell. mrss Tylor & Hollowell there. at mr Cottles. very high wind.  
26 3
Clear & very high wind & Cold. mrss Tylor & Hollowell went home. mrs Cottle poorly. at Dittoes.  
27 4
X. Birth mr Cottles 5th Dagt, 9th Child. XX.
Clear. mrs Cottle had mrs T and H Calld and was Safe Deld at 10 h morn of a fine Dagt. I left her as well as I Could Expect at 1 h PM. returnd by way of Colo Duttuns, the road very bad. I reacht home at 4. mrs Densmr here, Isaiah Manley here. at Ditoes. Birth 12th. Cyrus went to tend mill for mr Robinson.  
28 5
Clear. Dolly wrode as far as mr Pollards. I went to See mrs Ney. mr Ballard been Surveying for mr Cragg & Thwing. thee wind was very high. at Capt Neys
29 6
Cloudy. I workt Some in ye Gardin, went to mr Livermores aftn. mr Ballard went to Survey for mr Briggs. my Girls Sowd gardin Seeds. mr Ellis & Jona Dind here. mrs Livermore was here, mr Gillman allso. at mr Livermors.  
30 7
Clear forn, Cloudy aft. I workt in the gardin all day Diging grass roots, rakeing them of, planting Beens. Ephm Sett Cabbage Stumps, Beets, Carrots & parsnips & Turnips. Dolly wrode to mr Janss. Cyrus Came here from mr Robinsons at Varsalboro where he has been to tend mill Since Wedensday last. at home. workt in my Gardin.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.