Martha Ballard's Diary, April 10 - 14, 1791

10 B
Clear and Pleast. I have been at home. Jona killd a rabbit & Sent it mrs Nabby Hodskins who is unwell. at home.  
11 2
Clear. mr Jones here, Sleeps here. mr Cragg is finishing the Bridg over ye mill Pond. mr Livermore here at Evng. I was Calld at 10 h Evn to See mrs Dany who is in Labour. I went by Land, find Saml Norcross Lady there. at mr Danys. Death of mr Fletcher.  
12 3
X. Birth mr Danys 4th Son. XX.
Cloudy. mrs Dany Calld her women at 3 h morn & was Safe Deld of a Son at 4 h 1/2, and is Cleverly. I Calld to See Phillip Norcross Lady who is unwell and Came up by water. reacht home at 9 morn. mr Ballard and Cyrus gave up yr Possission here to Peter Jones. we are informd that Old mr Fletcher Expird last night. mr Woodwd, his wife, mr Brown & his, & her Brother here; poor woman is in a Distresst State of mind. they have Compelld her, as Shee Says, to go to her Fathers which Seems much against her will at this time. may God restore her to Comphort of mind. my Girls are washing and Scouring. at mr Danys. Birth 11th. mrs Brown here on her way to her Daddies.  
13 4
Clear, but a Chilly air. mr Ballard attended Funeral of mr Fletcher, he was interd at 4 h PM. I have been at home, Do not feel so well as I Could wish. my Girls Cleaning thee house & prepareing to remove. at home. Funeral of mr Fletcher.  
14 5
Clear & pleast. mr Ballard and Ephm went to plough the Gardin which we are to improve. thee Bridg over ys Crick was finisht Covering this Day. mr Childs & Burtun, their Ladies & mr Patridg, & mrs Rockwood here. I have been at home. mrs Savage & Polly Calld here. at home, had Company.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.