Martha Ballard's Diary, February 1 - 4, 1791

1 3
Clear. Dolly is very unwell. I gave her Senna & manna with anis Seed and Rheubarb, it operated kindly. mr Ballard went to mr Crosbys and bot 5-1/2 pints W E Rhum, 2 lb Butter, 1 lb Sugar & 1/2 Dozn Bisquit. I have been at home, feel fatagud. Jabe Cowen here to work aftn. Jona been to Pitts town & up to Stones. at home.  
2 4
Clear & Cold. I had a Severe pain in my head ys morn, but was Calld to See mrs Caton. Shee has taken Some Cold and has a pain in her hip. I feel much better after I returnd. Dolly is very unwell thro the Day, but Seemd revivd in ye Evng. mrs Benjamin Spent ye Evng here. at mr Chamberlins.  
3 5
Birth mrs Welchs Dagt.
Clear. I was Calld at 9 ys morn to See mrs Welch who is in Labour. Shee was Delivd at 12 of a Dagt, Dead Born, and was very ill after Delivery. I tarried with her till about 9 Evn when Shee Seemed a little more Comfortable. I was then Calld to Thomas Hinklys. at mrs Welches. Birth 4th. mr Ballard gone to wiscasset.  
4 6
X. Birth Thoms Hinklys Son. XX.
Clear. mrs Hinkley was Delivd about 1 h morn of a fine Son. I left her Comfortable at 8, and returnd home. Calld to See mrs Welch, find her as well as Could be Expected, her Sister Cyphers with her. I was Calld immedialely after my return to See Willm Densmore find him very low, his thigh Sweld as much as it was when I saw him before. Jona & Ephm gone to the meddow at Thos Hinkleys. Birth 5th

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.