Martha Ballard's Diary, January 27 - 31, 1791

27 5
Cleard away at 10 h morn and I went in at mr Craggs to See Polly mc keckney, find her much more Comfortable. then left mrs Blak as Comfortable as Could be Expected. mr Blak gave me 12/ as a reward. I arivd at home at ye 11th h, find mr Ballard is Gone to Pitts town for Hay, Epm with him. at mr Blaks. Hannah went to See Polly Bisbe ys aftn.  
28 6
X Birth mr Catons Dagt and 1st Child. XX. fee recd July 21.
Cloudy. I was Calld by mr Field to go to See mrs Caton at 1 h morn, walkt there, was allmost over com when I arivd. I put her Safe to bed with a Dagt at 3, and returnd home at 7. her Husband not at home. I was Calld at 8 to See Capt Burjess little Son who was Scalt on his left arm yester morn. I Drest ye arm. Calld to See mrs Hamlin & Burtun, receivd 6/ of mr Burtun as a reward for assisting his wife in travil Sept 23d. Calld to See mrs Blak, find her Cleverly. Calld at mr Savages to rest my Self, find mr Benn Leighton here when I Came home. my Girls gone to See Polly mc keckney. Hannah informs me Polly Bisbe is Better. at mr Chamberlins, Burjess, and other Neigrs. Birth 2nt which I have assisted in ys year. I have not rested in my Bed more yn 2 or 3 hours Sinc Tuesday morn.  
29 7
A Clear, Pleasant Day. I have been at home mending Cloaths. mr Ballard to ye meddow. at home.  
30 B
Snowd all Day. mr Ballard & Jona attended worship at ye Coart hous. mr Smith of winthrop performd. Wilm Haywood Sleeps here. Clear Evnn. Thoms Kenny Calld me at 11 h to See his wife. we got there at ye 12th. at Kennys.  
31 2
X. Birth T. Kennys Dagt. XX.
Began to Snow Latter part of last night and a Severe Storme. the wind very high. mrs Kenny Deld at 9 h morn of a Dagt. I Left her & inft as well as Could be Expicted & returnd at 3 pm. at Kennys. Birth 3d. June 24th receivd 6/ of mr Kenny.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.