Martha Ballard's Diary, January 16 - 21, 1791

16 B
Clear and very pleast. Son & Dagt Town & Parthena returnd at Evng. I was Calld to Saml Cumingss to his wife in Labour. Shee was Delivd of a Dagt at 1h 30m, about 5 m before my arival. his parents with her & no one Else. mrs Briggs and hamlin there after her Delivery; tarried thro ye night, my patient Exercised with much pain. at Saml Cumings. J. Kenny here for me to go & See his wife.  
17 2
X. Birth Saml Cumings Dagt. XX.
a Severe Snow Storm. I left mrs Cumings at 2 h pm a little Easier. I got home thro much Diffuculty, find yt mr Kenny was here after me Soon after I left home last Evng. hear all so yt Esqr Coneys Lady was Delivrd of a Dagt this morn at 10 h. at Ditoes. Birth Saml Cumings Dgt at 1 h. Esqr Coneys Dagt at 10 h morn.  
18 3
Clear & Cold. I have been at home, feel falagud with my worries abroad. Cumings & Brown had their Case tried. the jeury Brot in in favour of Cumings. at home.  
19 4
Clear. Cool but very pleast Sun. my son & Dagt Town took yr Departure from here at 12 O Clok. Jewet Foster here Dressing flax. I went to See Polly mc kekney, find her Seting up & much better. at mr Craggs & mr Blacks. my Childn Left us homewd bound.  
20 5
Clear. I have been at home. mrs Rokwood Came here. mr Ballard at Coart, ye Jurey were Dismist. at home.  
21 6
Clear and very Cold. mr Ballard went from home bound for Sandy river. I was Calld to See Wm Densmore, he was Siesd with the Collic, got Ease before I arivd. I returnd home & went Directly to mr Bisbes, tarried & watcht. Pollys feaver very high the most of ye night. Wm Howard Came there at Evn. the wind Shifted to ye S & blew very hard. mrs Bisbe is very anxious about Polly. at mr Bisbes. mrs Rockwood went home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.