Martha Ballard's Diary, December 18 - 23, 1790

18 7
X Birth. Benn Browns Dagt. XX. receivd my fee Novr 22nt 1791 in Turkeys.
Clear and very Cold. Dolly is unwell, took Soap pills, had Several faint turns. I went to See Polly mc kethney, find her very low in Strength and Spirrits. Doct Colman let blood in both her feet. I was Calld at ye 8th h Evn in hast to See mrs Brown. Shee was Safe Deld at 9 h 30 m of a fine Dagt, her 7th Child. mr Brown was absent. mrs Woodwd and my self tarried all night. at mr Craggs & Browns. Birth 32nt. Death Polly Taylor.  
19 C
Clear and very Cold. I returnd from mr Browns at 1 h pm. Jona attended Funeral of Polly Taylor. [mr & mrs] Hamlin, Burtun, Patridg, Hannh Rockwood & Parthena Supt here. at mr Browns. Funeral.  
20 2
Clear forn, Cloudy aft. mrs Densmoore here to Cutt me a gown. hannah finisht makeing it. Dolly is much as Shee was. Pally mc kethney no better. Judy Heuston had fitts ys Evng. at home. mrs Densmore here.  
21 3
Clear and Cold foren, Snow aftn. I went to See Ephm Cowens wife & James Savages Child. Came back to mr Craggs. tarried & watcht with Pally McKethney; her Brother John there. Loes Harris watcht. at Capt Savagess, Jamess & mr Craggs.  
22 4
Clear Day, Snowd at night. I Came home aftn, was Sent for at Evn again. my Dagt Hannah watcht. Polly very Restless, her marm Came to mr Craggs. at mr Craggs.  
23 5
Clear. at mr Craggs, tarried all night. mrs Jones & I Sett up. Pally rested better. Doct Williams there thee last & this night. at Ditoes.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.