Martha Ballard's Diary, November 26 - 30, 1790

26 6
X Birth. Ezra Hodges 3d dagt & 5th Child; the first was 5 ys old ye 10 of Sept last. XX
Clear part of the Day & very Cold. I am informd that Jona & others who were attempting to go Down with a rafft were inclosd by the ice at Bumber hook Point. thee ice makes very fast. Doct Williams & his Son here at Evn. Could not pass with yr Horses, left ym here and went to mr Pollards. I was Calld at 8 h Evn to See mrs Hodges in Labour. her women were Calld and Shee was Safe Delivrd at 10 h and 30 m Evn. mrs Pollard being unwell Did not arive till the moment the Child was Born. the Ladies who assisted took Supper after all our matters were Completed, & retend home about 12. mrs Pollard and my Self tarried all night & Sett up. mrs Hodges rested finely, ye inft allso. at mr Savages and mr Hodges. thee ice Stopt at Fort Westorn. Birth 29th. Saml Dawin fell thro ye ice as he was attempting to go of ye rafft to ye Shore, but was Savd by their geting to him with a Cannoe & takeing him in.  
27 7
Cloudy. the river is Closed and I Saw men pass over on ye ice about Sun rise. I took Breakfast and returnd home. mr Foot here. horses and Cattle Crost our mill pond on ye ice ys Day. I went on to ye Bed & took Some Sleep. Jona and mr Wall returnd home at Evn. it began to Snow at 10 h Evn. at mr Hodges. a Snow Storm began at 10 Evn.  
28 C
A Cold, Snowy Day. I have been [ "at home". - implied]. mr Savage here & Shaw of pitts town. at home.  
29 2
Cloudy. Jon a Butcherd our Oxon. I have mended 10 pair of Stockins. at home.  
30 3
X Ephm Cowens Son Born. XX.
Clear. I was Calld at [ye 7th] h morn to Ephm Cowens wife in Labour. Shee was Deld at 9 Evn of a Son. I tarried all night. at Ephm Cowens. Birth 30.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.