Martha Ballard's Diary, October 7 - 13, 1790

7 5
XX Birth. Capt Husseys Son. XX.
Clear. Capt Husseys Lady was Safe Deld of a Son at 11 h morn. I returnd to mr Whites at 4 Pm, tarried all night. Left my Patients Cleverly. mrs NorCross Left here yesterday for Boston. the new Born inft wd 10 lb. at Capt Husseys. Birth 25th.first Born. receivd 6/ May 10, 1791 by Sally Hussey.  
8 6
Cloudy, rain at night. mrs White Sent for her women. they were with her all night Vis old mrss White, Norcss, moses & Benn Whites wives; Jackson, Stickney, Coburn & Lidia, his Sister. I Slept not this night. my [patient] very ill. at Whites.  
9 7
X Birth. Jere Whites Son. XX.
Cloudy & rain foren. mrs White was Safe Deld of a Son at 10 h morn. I tarried with her till 4 pm then went home by water. feel much fatagud. was informd that mr Hamlin & Burjis had lost Linning. at Dittos. Birth 26th. firsTBorn.  
10 C
Clear. mr Ballard went to meeting all day. mr James Page here at noon. we had a Loin of Lamb for Dinner. mr Gillman here to Tea. we had a Cold night. at home.  
11 2
Clear. mr Ballard at mr Pollards foren, at mr James Pages aftern. Cyrus went to mr Craggs at winthrop. Selvester Moore & a Burjes Sleep here. at home.  
12 3
Clear. mr Ballard Came from mr Pages, left his Spectacles; went Back for them. I was Calld to See Edsons infant who is Extreamly ill; tarried & watcht. at mr Kennadys
13 4
Clear. Doct Coney Came to See the Child, orderd Blisters & left Senna and some Drops. I Came from there at noon, left the Child very ill. Cyrus there near night. the Neighbours there, it was thot to be Expireing. at Dittoes. Dolly & Hannah Rockwood here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.