Martha Ballard's Diary, September 23 - 30, 1790

23 5
X Birth. James Burtuns Son & first Child.
Clear. I went from mr Burtuns aftn. Calld to see the School. went to See mrs Weston, from there to see Fanny Hodges who is Sick; returnd home in ye Evn. was Calld back to Burtuns, his wife in travil. Shee was Safe Delivrd of a Son at 11 O Clock and is Cleverly. I tarried & watcht. at Dittoes. Birth 24th. first born.  
24 6
Clear. I was at mr Burtuns all Day & night. Dolly Came there to nurs his wife. at Dittoes. Dolly allso.  
25 7
Clear. I tarried at mr Burtuns till 2 h pm, then Left her & infant Cleverly. I helpt her up yesterday & this day and made her Bed. I find mrs Polly Stackpool here at my return. at Dittoes.  
26 C
Clear. I have been at home. my Girls went to meeting and to See mrs Burtun. Shee is Cleverly. Elizabeth Taylor here; Dind. Moses Pollard brot me a Letter which E. Robbins brot from Broth Elijah Moore. at home. receivd a Letter from BrorElijah of 18th inst
27 2
Cloudy morn, Clear at noon. I left home at noon one h pm. went to James Hinkleys, receivd 6/ as a reward for attending his Lady in her illness with her Last Child. was then Calld to Capt Husseys, his wife unwell. I tarried all night. at James Hinkleys & Capt Husseys.  
28 3
at Capt Husseys, his wife Better. at Husseys.  
29 4
at Husseys, all Cleverly. at Dittoes.  
30 5
Cloudy & rain. I Came from Detoes. Calld at mr Hodges, his Dagt Fanny very Sick but revivd and seems Better. arivd at home at 5 h pm. at Ditoes & mr Hodges [  ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.