Martha Ballard's Diary, August 30 - September 6, 1790

30 2
Clear, a frost ys morn. Hannah washt. I Did hous work & Gatherd Seeds & flowers in the Gardin. at home.  
31 3
Clear & pleast. I gatherd green Pees in our field. mr Bullin & his Lady Dind here. he went to town meeting. Shee tarried till after Tea. I walkt as far as mr Savages with her. at mr Savages. mrs Bullin here.  
1 4
Clear. mr John Jones & Stephen been here ys Day. I have mended Stockins & gatherd Seeds in ye gardin. at home. John Jones here.  
2 5
Clear & hott. I have been Doing work in my gardin, hilld Cabbages. Willm Haywood here, brot a Letter from Dolly this Day. shee is 18 years old. Son Towns famely are all well. at home. Dollys Birth Day; She is 18 years old.  
3 6
Clear. The wind to ye Northard. Haywood & Bisbe took Breakfast & Dinner here. mrs Blak and Judy Petty here aftern. I have workt in the Gardin Some. at home. Hannah wrote to Dolly.  
4 7
Clear. mrs Brown here. I have gatherd Beens in my gardin for Pickles and for Seed allso. Wm Haywood Dind here. at home.  
5 C
rain the most of ye Day. Clear at Evn. mr Hamlin & Burtun & yr wives here. Hannah been to meeting aftern. I went to mr Savages to See the Childn who were unwell with a Cold. mr Foot brot Parthena here. at mr Savages. Parthena Came back frommr Foots.  
6 2
Clear. I have been at home. wrote to Broth Levy Davis, Collins, and Elijah. Expect Elipt Robbins will bear them. mrs Reed Sent me Some Butter, 3 lb. I have had 7 before. at home. wrote to my friends.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.