Martha Ballard's Diary, August 8 - 13, 1790

8 C
Clear & very warm. Parthena went to mr Foots, Hannah went as far as mr Bisbes with her. Calld to See mrs Woodwd who is Sick with the measels. I was Calld to See mr Isaac Clearks Lady who was Seisd with Pukeing & a Disintary attended with Severe pain in her Stomach. I gave her Some annis Seed Decoction with Manna Dissolvd there in and after wards 4 Soap pills which Expelld thee wind, & gave relief. at mr Clearks and watcht with his Lady. mrs Jackson tarried there allso.  
9 2
Clear & warm. I returnd home, Left my Patient much more Comfortable. find Son Town here on my return, his famely are well. Doct Williams and Son & Collins Moore Sleep here. at Dittoes. receivd 1/2_ for ye medesin& time Spent.  
10 3
Rainy foren, Clear part aftn. Doct Wilms & Son, mr Moore took Breakfast & Dind here. I went out after 3 h pm, hilld my Cabbages before ye Door then gatherd 2 pails full of Pees & helpt Shell them. at home.  
11 4
Clear. I helpt Hannah do hous work fore n, houghd in ye East gardin aftern. Hannah washt the floors & Scourd ye Puter. at home.  
12 5
Clear & very hott. I wed the Gardin by ye Barn. we had Cucumbers from our own Vines. Cyrus went to Varsalboro. I have been at home. Widdow Ballard here.  
13 6
Clear. mrs Weston here. Shee went to mr Bisbes aftern. mr Ballard & Hannah went to Lecter. mr How performd. I gatherd parsnip & pepper Grass Seed. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.