Martha Ballard's Diary, August 1 - 7, 1790

1 C
Clear. mr Ballard and thee girls attended worship,thee Church of Chester & Hollowell receivd thee Sacrament of ye Supper; and as many as has Consented to the result of a late Counsel and Could Consent to the articles of faith, the above mentioned Church have Sind were invited to join in receiving the ordinance. I was at home. mr Emerson Preacht in this Town.  
2 2
Clear. I have been at home, houghd Cabbages, Cucumbers &c. mr Lee here, mr Dexter allso. Son Towns famely are well. Moses White Sent me 3 lb wool. at home.  
3 3
Clear Except a Small Shower. mr Lee here to Settle with mr Ballard and Cyrus. I knit fore n, was ashing my Cabbages when mr Reed Calld me to See his wife. I arivd there about Sun Sett. mrs Woodwd, Ingerham and Williams were asistants. at mr Reeds. mr Porter Brot Cyrus 16-1/2lb lamb.  
4 4
X Birth. mr Reeds 2nd Son. XX.
Clear. mrs Reed was Safe Delivd of a Son and her Second Child, both Sons, at Sun rise. I left her & inft Cleverly & returnd home at 11h foren. went to Bed, Slept till 2 pm then went out & pulld flax. at Ditos. mrs Reed Sent Ephm half a Chees, wd. 2-1/2 lb. Birth 21.  
5 5
Clear Except a Shower a little before Sun Sett. I pulld flax. [&] went twice to See mrs Welch who is unwell. thee girls helpt me in ye aftern. at mrs Welches.  
6 6
Clear part of ye Day, some Showers. I pulld flax. the girls helpt me aftn. David Page came to work here. at home. Hannah is 21 years old this day.  
7 7
Clear. I pulld flax foren, went to See mrs [Reed] aft, who has had an ill turn & is gott Better. I receivd a Letter from Broth Davis of June 14th. at mr Reeds. recd a Letter.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.