Martha Ballard's Diary, July 7 - 16, 1790

7 4
at Pounalboro; attended Coart. at Dito.  
8 5
at Ditto; attended &C, &C. at Do
9 6
at Ditto; attended &C, &C. at Do
10 7
at Ditto; attended the Cause between this Common welth & Jo North Esq; was tried & given to the jury. at Do
11 C
at Pounalboro. went from mr Hatches after meeting to mr Kiders at Eastern river. at Do & mr Kiders.  
12 2
at mr Kiders. mr Ballard attended Coart. North acquited to the great Surprise of all that I heard Speak of it. at mr Kiders.  
13 3
Clear & hott. we Came to thee Coart house; Saw Melona receive the punishment which the Coart inflicted at 8 hours morn, then returnd to mr Hatches. Paid our reckoning & Sett out for home. I wrode mr Pollards hors; we Dind at magr Smiths. Calld at mr Bullins & mr Jacksons; arivd home near Sun Sett. find Alice Ballard here. Gillbreath helping Cyrus. at Do & returnd home. 
14 4
Clear. mr Foster here, took Breakfast. Shuball Pitts allso. mrs Cowen & mrs Cumings here. Wilm Howard here; informs Son Town & famely are well. I have been at home. Alice Ballard went from here, Hannah & Parthena to mr Stanlys; bot 3 goun Patterns, Callico & 3 Lawn Hand kerchiefs. at home. Alice Ballard went home.  
15 5
Clear Except Showers. I have wed Gardin & wrote to Brothr Jonan. at home. wrote B Jonn
16 6
Clear. I went to mr Pollards foren, wed Gardin aftn. mrs Woodward here. mrs Page & Dagt Sleep here. at mr Pollards.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.