Martha Ballard's Diary, June 1 - 7, 1790

1 3
raind the most of ye Day. my Dagts washt. I have been at home. Esq Coney saild for Boston ys aftn. at home.  
2 4
Clear & Cool morn. I went to See mrs Bisbee, find her mending. ms Becky is very unwell. it is a very Sickly time among us. at mr Bisbes & wrote to BrorCollns.  
3 5
A fine, Clear & pleasant Day. I have been at home. mrs Mash & mrs Page here. the old Lady informs me Shee has Extracted 756 Childn in ye Coars of her Practice. Son Town here allso; informs his wife & Childn are Exercised with the influenzy & that his Brother is very low. mrs Bolton & mrs Brown here. at home. mrs Mash & Son Town here. I Sowd Beet Seed.  
4 6
Clear. Son Town left here aft Breakfast. I then wrote to Sist Waters & Brotr Elijah and Sent by mr Hamlin who Sett out for Oxford this afternn. at home. wrote to Brotr Elijah & Sisr waters.  
5 7
Cloudy & some rain. Dolly is gone to Winthrop. I have been at home kniting & helping Carry Chips into ye gardin to burn. at home.  
6 C
X Birth. Magr Stickneys Dagt. XX.
Clear & hott Day. I was Calld by magr Stickney at half after two ys morn. Shee his Lady was Safe Delivd of a dagt at 5h Evn. I was Calld from there to See mr Ezekiel Pages Lady; find her Sick with ye influenza. administred Some thing for her relief & returnd to mr Jacksons at 11. Tarried all night. Took Care of my patient. at mr Jacksons. Birth 20th. receivd 6/.  
7 2
at Dittoes. raind all Day. I tarried ys night; watcht, my patient Exercised with Pain. at Ditos.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.