Martha Ballard's Diary, May 22 - 26, 1790

22 7
Clear. Cyrus & David went to Seek mr Preskotts Child yt was Lost. it was found alive. I Sowd parsnip & Carrot Seed in the Gardin by ye Barn. Ephm went to mrs Woodwards for half peck potatoes Shee gave him, & planted ym in ye Gardin. Shee was here, Drank Tea with me. Seth Pitts wounded him yesterdy. at home. Preskots Dagt found. mrs Woodwd here. Dolly got her web out.  
23 C
Clear. I attended public worship aftern. A gentleman by ye name of Tylar from Uxbridg performd. mrs Pollard here for herbs for Judy Heuston who is Sick at mr Blacks. at meeting.  
24 2
Clear, a Cold air. I have been at home. my Dagts washt & Scourd ye Puter. at home.  
25 3
Clear, a frost ys morn, a Cool air. David & Ephm began to plant our Corn. Patty planted pumpkin Seed. I have been at home knitting. at home.  
26 4
Clear. Cyrus went to Pitts town. Bot 1 oz Beet seed & 1 oz parsnip; gave 1/ pr oz I planted ye Beet. Jon a informd me he Saw Wilm Hurd; he left Oxford 7 Days ago. Mother Ballard & Polly Kingsbury were thought to be not long for this life when he left there. at home. had news from Oxford.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.