Martha Ballard's Diary, May 9 - 11, 1790

9 C
X Birth. mr Andrewss Son. XX.
Clear & Pleasant. I was Calld between 12 & 1 O clock morn to See mrs Andrews. I walkt; was much fatagud. Shee was Safe Delivrd at 3h 34 m morn of a Son; a Small, weak Babe. I left them at 8, the babe a little revivd. find Dolly very weak indeed. Shee has not been able to Sett up with out fainting ys Day. mrs Pollard being very Sick Sent for me to See her. I find her much as Dolly is, Betsy Chever allso. Doct Coney to See her; informs me Sherebiah is Decaying very fast. I returnd & Gave my Dagt some Lovage Tea which relievd her of faintness. mr James Cowen, his wife & Nephue took breakfast here; mr Stackpool also. Parthena returnd; informs mrs Porter is more Comfortable. at mr Andws, Pollards, Westons, Craggs& Savages. Birth 17th. Parthena returnd. mrsMathews Delivrd of a Dagt ys Evng.  
10 2
Clear & warm. mr Ballard went to Winthrop to Survey land for Saml Foster; informs me that mrs Porter is very ill ys Day. Dolly is much Better. the Girls washt. Doct Coney Calld here; Says Broth Town is very ill. at home.  
11 3
Cloudy, Some rain. Cyrus went to Esqr Fairwells, Jona to winslow. mr Ballard Complains of pain in his back. Dolly Drew a piece thro Harnis & read. I went to Savages & made Soap pills for mrs Weston, & knitt Some. I was at mr Savages.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.