Martha Ballard's Diary, May 5 - 8, 1790

5 4
X Birth. Benn Porters Son. XX.
I was Calld to Benn Porters by mr John Cumings. we arivd at 8h 30 m. he was 3 hours from home. when we arivd, mrs French, Cumings, Prescott & Easty there. it Snowd & raind & haild this Day. mrs Porter was Safe Delivrd at ye 10th h Evn of a fine Son, her Second Child. I Sett up with her till Day. Shee is Cleverly. I was at mr Benn Porters. Jona veryunwell ys day. Birth 16th
6 5
Cloudy. I tarried at mr Porters till 2h pm, then Sett out for home; left my patient Cleverly. left mrs French & mr [Keeser] with her. I arivd Safe at home at 6. Capt Betcher here informs his Lady is very unwell indeed. at mr Porters. Jona went to ye hook for Corn & Coffee.  
7 6
Clear & very pleasant. I have a pain in my head by reason of my fatagues. mr Craggen here; took Breakfast; informs me Sherebiah Town is very Low. I was Calld to see mrs Belcher ys morn; find her a little more Comfortable Except her Breast which is Soar & painfull yet. I was Calld from there at 3 h pm to See mrs Andrews who is unwell; tarried there all night. at CapT Belchers & mr AndrewsS. Began a Stockin for Foster.  
8 7
Clear. mrs Andrs is a little more Comfortable. I left her at 10 in ye morn. Parthena went to mr Porters. my Girls to help mrs Chever quillt. Dolly was Siezd while Shee was gone & Came home very sick indeed. I Balht her feet & attempted to Swet her. James Stacpool Sleeps here. mr Ballard been at Colo Norths to Settle for his Surveying the fall past. at mr Andrewss. Foster is at work here. Brothr Town is Sick. I Sett up with Dolly till after mid night.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.