Martha Ballard's Diary, April 5 - 9, 1790

5 2
a little rain. I left mrs Goodwin & Child Cleverly. Calld to See mrs Cragg. Shee is not So well as I Could wish. arivd at home at ye 10 h morn, find Foster is returnd. I went to mr Craggs, administred a Clister of milk,water & Salt, applyd ointmint & a Bath of Tansey, mugwort, Cammomile & Hysop, which gave mrs Cragg great relief. Calld at mr Savages, gave Nancy a Dose of Salt & water which Causd her to puke. Shee threw up two worms and seemd Easier & I Came home. at Ditoes & mr Craggs. receivd 6/ & 1 yd of gaus of Goodin. at mr Craggs & Savages. Capt Sewall, Carr & Goodin Chose into the ofis of Select men.  
6 3
Clear morn. Jon a Sett out for winslow. mr Ballard Surveying for mr Livermore. I feel very unwell. at home.  
7 4
Snow & a raw Cold air. I feel very unwell. Dolly began to weave a piece for towels. mrs Mosier & Son here for relief, having lost their house by fire. at home. mrs Mosier here.  
8 5
Clear & very Cold. I am a little Better than I was yester day. Foster had an ague fitt ys morn & remains poorly thro ye Day. my Girls got their web out. at home. Foster Sick.  
9 6
Clear. I went to Saml Cumingss & paid her 18/ which was her Due for Cloath I had of her, & returnd a yard that was left. I Calld at mr Hamlins, Burgess & mr Craggs. Dorcas Pollard & Alice Burges here on a visit. at Saml Cumings & mr Craggs.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.